A good PowerPoint template

I just gave a client some feedback on new PowerPoint template options, I might as well share my thoughts with all of you:
  • Flat: no drop shadows behind fints, no gradients, no reflections. These look dirty in a world of razor sharp retina displays
  • Out with the subtle waves and watermarks, they 1) make slides hard to read and interfere with the slide design and 2) make your presentation look like 2003
  • Lighter fonts: there is no need to scream to get your point across. Keep a lot of white space around the slide title.
  • If you have to put a logo on each slide, put it at the bottom right, not top right (or even left), you want to leave the maximum space for the slide title.
  • The client spent a lot of time on the cover page, but my suggestion is to worry about it last.
  • Design your template around a real presentation rather than empty pages.