Sticking logos / PowerPoint objects on 3D images

As promised in a previous posting, here a little secret. The Rolls Royce solution to this is the "vanishing point" filter in Adobe Photoshop (see one of many YouTube videos that explain the trick). In PowerPoint you can imitate it as follows.

Create the 2D object in Powerpoint by either
  • Combining PowerPoint shapes and text, and group it.Do control-X to cut and and "paste special" as a GIF
  • Copying an image (a logo) with a very clear outline and blank out the white surroundings using (after selecting the image): Format, Recolor, Set transparent color (PowerPoint 2007)
  • Taking a logo, copy it on a rectangular white box, group, control-X and paste special as a GIF
Now take the image and use the shape "special effects", "3D rotation" to move the thing in place in the 3D image.