Double productivity - upgrade to a 24" (or more) monitor

The best hardware purchase decision I have made over the past year. Large computer monitors are not a toy or an executive perk anymore but a real boost of productivity.
  • Easier to design PowerPoint slides with big images
  • Space to open multiple applications and copy things across (Excel data into a PowerPoint bar chart)
  • No need to print - easy to read facing pages of A4 (Word, PDF)
  • No need to print - dozens of Excel columns open at the same time
  • Building and debugging Excel models in 50% of the time
  • Less strain on the eyes
  • Faster Internet searches
  • Faster search through hundreds of stock images
  • Easier to design slides for the 16:9 screen
I got an Eizo 24", but Amazon stocks many more (referral program links).
I cannot believe that I actually built most of my Excel models at McKinsey on a 13" laptop screen.