Nokia E71 - great phone, screen graphics could be more "Zen"

My wife had to swap her mobile phone because my 2 year old son decided to empty a bottle of water on her previous one. These things happen. The new phone is a Nokia E71. Phone reviews are a bit out of the scope of this site (it is a great phone by the way), but I can comment on the graphics of the user interface.
Nokia could have done so much better:
  • Like almost all mobiles, there is a busy wall paper crowding the display
  • Overly sophisticated icons with random colors
  • Different font (sizes), poorly aligned.
Mobile phone screens can also benefit from a "Zen" make-over to transform them into calmer and more minimalist user interfaces
PowerPoint and mobile phone interfaces are the same: the fact that you can make that sophisticated watermark background does not mean you have to use it!