Chart concept: the 2x2 matrix and other grouping techniques

McKinsey and other management consultants love 2x2 matrices (and obviously 3x3s). Personally, I think they are often overused (framework overload).
Not every categorization can be crammed into this framework.
  • The axes need to be logical
  • The groups needs to lead to 4 categories, i.e., leaving one or two boxes as "not applicable" does not make sense
  • They work particularly well when you want to show things moving from one category to the other
  • They are good to show that something stands out (from for example the competition) by popping up in the top-right corner
Here are some other techniques to group items on a PowerPoint slide using line and venn diagrams:
  • Diagram 2 - "you cannot have it both ways"
  • Diagram 3 - "the best of both worlds"