Calling all professional presentation designers: do a pro-bono project

I have been working on a probono project recently: designing a presentation for free for an organization pursuing a great cause. I can recommend this to any professional presentation designer.
  • A much larger leverage than simply donating money. Fund raising presentation case example: you use a unique skill you have, giving your pro-bono client the ability to raise a large amount of money, which in turn can be deployed for the good cause.
  • These companies are a dream to work for as a presentation designer. The stories that they need to tell are so strong that your presentation is almost guaranteed to be a great success. Moreover, you will find that these pro-bono clients are more willing to push the boundaries of presentation design and try new techniques than your regular corporate clients.
Some guidelines for selecting your project:
  • Pick a cause that you are really passionate about and believe in
  • The best pro-bono clients will actually interview and test your skills as if this was a paid-for project. Don't be offended, it brings me to my next point:
  • Treat the relationship with a pro-bono client as you would do with any other client: agree deliverables and deadlines, and meet them. Once you promise a presentation, these people need to rely on you. There is no room for "sorry, a paying client called me, you'll have to wait 2 weeks"
  • Don't even think about pay back, putting a logo, a reference, etc. The cause should be your motivation. Chances are that if you did a great job, the word will spread and benefit you somehow in the medium term. But if it doesn't, that is fine too. If you feel the need to make a return-on-investment calculation, the pro-bono project is not the right thing for you