How to scale an image to full-size in PowerPoint

Most people have now caught on to the idea of using large images in presentations. But with a few graphics design tricks you can make things look even better:
  • Make sure that they are not stretched or squeezed: the proportions between height and width are the same as in the original
  • If the image is big, go all the way and have it cover your entire slide.
Here is how to do it:
  1. Right-click the image, select format picture and click "reset picture" to restore the original aspect ratio (between height and width)
  2. Re-size by dragging a corner until both the height or the width are at least equal to the full screen
  3. Reposition the image and crop the bits of the image that are sticking outside the canvas
  4. Select the image, press format and compress pictures to reduce the file size of your presentation