Finding inspiration in CD cover images

More and more, I am trying to make each presentation in a unique style that is consistent on each slide. Paintings are a good source of inspiration, but so is cover art of CDs/LPs. Today I used this one from Remastered: The Best of Steely Dan - Then and Now
Steely Dan used an image of "Carhenge", an art installation by Jim Reinders, somewhere in Nebraska, a modern-day version of Stone Henge in England.
It provides all I need for a presentation with a consistent accent:
  • A slightly apocalyptic theme (this presentation was for a client in the asset management industry talking about changes since the economic meltdown of 2008)
  • Cars, especially vintage cars, a rich hunting ground for images expressing all kinds of concepts
  • The large bold font with a blank fill
  • Blues and yellow/oranges as colors.
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