Extreme close-up

An extreme close-up of a face can have a dramatic effect in a presentation. I used photographs of animals and people before (Miles Davis for example), but never a painting. What a great ad based on a painting by Renoir.
The ad encourages people to come visit an art museum (MASP in Sao Paolo). In case you have difficulty reading the text:
I saw paint turn into Impressionism. I saw Renoir painting me. I saw the disappointed banker who ordered me. I saw his disregard while throwing me into a dusty room. I saw years go by. I saw Europe finally acknowledge my value. I saw Brazil embrace me. I saw a new home. I saw that same home turn into the country’s most visited museum. But, having seen all that, there’s one thing I haven’t seen yet: you. Come. I wish to see you.
Two more examples on Ads of the World. If you are interested in art, try this book.