Immersing yourself in images with an iPad

Every day I like to browse through an enormous amount of images from photography, art, design, and advertising sites to get inspiration for my presentations. The iPad is making this a whole lot easier.

Applications for the iPad are still in their infancy. Many RSS reader applications are popping up, partly driven by the fact that Google Reader does not work very well in the iPad browser (scrolling down is hard).

One iPad RSS reader app, Pulse News, is making an effort to mimic the iPad user interface by rendering content "iPad-style": creating a stream clean headlines with images ripped from the RSS feed. For your regular feeds, this is a nice gimmick, but the draw back of the app is that you can only put in 20 feeds, by far not enough.

But for my image feeds this is brilliant. I follow less than 20 feeds and with the touch of a finger I can fly through days of content in a few seconds, just images! Try it if you own an iPad.