The presentation designer's responsibility

Today's post on Seth Godin's blog made me think (probably his objective). Bluntly speaking, he argues that the marketer of cigarettes or the lawyer defending a criminal should take responsibility for her actions, or refuse to take on the challenge.

My profession is to help other people tell their stories in a more convincing way:
  • to sell a product,
  • get funding for a company, 
  • close the IPO on the stock market,
  • increase the company's share price,
  • seal an important strategic partnership,
  • secure a distribution franche,
  • etc.
In most cases, I am 100% behind the story that I am writing. In very few cases, I stumble on something that is a "hard sell". Fortunately, I have never encountered an occasion that would trigger the debate Seth is talking about. He just convinced me that it should stay that way.