Why don't we see more video pitches?

The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that video pitches have a great future. Especially as an alternative to startup fund raising decks that now get emailed "cold" to potential investors. Why?
  • The world is moving to a minimalist presentation design style that makes it harder to understand decks without verbal explanation.
  • Somehow, I find audio tracks not very interesting to listen to. They take too long for a situation where you do not have direct interaction with the speaker. They just go on and on
  • Startup pitch competitions have shown me that it is possible to get across a lot in just a few minutes of presentation time. You just need to prepare. Videos are high profile, people will invest a lot of time in getting it right. The result will be a higher quality pitch than someone "winging it" in front of a live audience
  • A very important part of an investor pitch is the team. A video of the presenter gives already some clue about the CEO of the business.
  • You can make sure people will listen to your entire story. When you set expectations (watch this 5 minute video) and investors see the counter counting down I think it is highly likely that they will go through to the end. Much more likely than a slide deck: click, click, click, "bleep" from the Blackberry and they get distracted.
Other big applications could be job interviews, or university applications.

You should check out a new online presentation sharing service: present.me, it creates a slide window and a video window to deliver your presentation.