The best iPad stylus

I now have almost completely eliminated paper from my workflow after I switched to hand writing on the iPad. My meeting notes are better organized and searchable, and I can now make design doodles in multiple colors on which it is much easier to erase part of your sketch. I have tested 3 iPad styli extensively and the best one is the Adonit Jot:
  • The Cosmonaut is a cute, beautifully designed, fat pen that resembles a whiteboard marker. Nice for my kids to draw, but not suitable for writing or precision drawing. The fat tip makes it impossible to see what you are writing. I am also not a big fan of the rubbery material on the outside.
  • The Wacom stylus is built of quality materials, feels nice and light and writes comfortably. A close second. The soft tip wears off quickly.
  • The Adonit Jot is my favorite. A small, flat, transparent disk protects your screen while giving completely visibility what you are doing. A very nice, heavy build quality. The disk makes a clacking sound when you write, some if you might find this inappropriate in meetings with other people. I bought the Flip version that has a pen on the back (which I actually never use).
I did extensive research on the web before buying my own styli, and discovered that there is a huge difference in personal preferences. So you are likely to buy a few before finding the one that fits you best. (The links in this posts are affiliate links).

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