Building signage

I drove by a big office tower the other day that featured a new signage:
  • The biggest font size possible, covering the entire width of the building, no (white) space left what so ever.
  • As close as possible to the top, no white space here either
  • The characters' rhythm and spacing seemed to clash with the repeating patterns of the window.
Typical corporate executive thinking: big and high. What should they have discussed with the architect and the signage supplier instead?
  • Give the logo space, more white (stone, concrete) space around the graphics creates a much stronger presence
  • Adjust the size of the logo based on the characteristics of the building: time the spacing of the characters in such a way that disturbing repeating window patterns are neutralised.
  • Avoid the logo being an after thought, instead explicitly reserve space for building signage when designing the exterior of the building