Harvesting the Board presentation

The last Board presentation is usually the only document in the company that more or less talks about everything what the organisation is about: strategy, financials, people, product pipeline. It is tempting to harvest the Board slide deck for sales and/or investor presentations. Here is why should not:
  • Board presentations talk about you, not about your (potential) customer, not very useful in sales meetings
  • Board presentations reveal your weaknesses, give a too transparent comparison to competitors.
  • Board presentations are all about trade offs and choices, not a clear articulation of a way forward
  • Board presentations have a boring agenda-like structure, not a captivating story
  • Board presentations are usually stitched together last minute with input from multiple people, not the most creative story writing process
  • Board presentations are designed for long meetings, not 20 minute pitches
  • Board presentations are usually Boaring...