Overdoing the icons

It is tempting to use an icon for everything in your presentation: enterprise customer, picture of a guy in suit; small business, picture of a chef; consumer segment, picture of a smiling woman. Alternative: a factory icon, a house icon, a face icon. Other alternative: browse the clip art library

There are a few problems with this:
  • Unless you are pro designer, icons, pictures are hardly ever consistent in format/style
  • Icons/small pictures add clutter to already busy presentation slides
  • For the viewer in the back of the room, the small icons/pictures are actually hard to see
  • Clipart looks so 1990..
Sometimes keeping it simple is the best solution: 3 boxes in 3 different colours with the words ENTERPRISE, SMB, CONSUMER will do fine. Throughout the presentation, use the same 3 colour to talk about your user segments.