Slides that Stick - one year old

My first post was on 11 July 2008. We are 1 year and around 350 posts later. It has been quite a ride.
I started off with the idea of "documenting" some of my basic approaches to presentation design, but gradually moved away from trying to write these (time consuming) "how-to classics". Instead, I am picking 1 idea/concept that comes across my desk, strip it of client-specific details and share it with all of you. More interesting, less time consuming, plus an (almost) endless flow of ideas for blog posts.
This sharing has been the most rewarding aspect of my blog. I am getting to know many interesting people from all over the world. Maybe this post is an opportunity from some of the "anonymous readers" to write a brief introduction about yourself in the comments. Who are you? Where are you from? It would be great to meet you.